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hey person that reviewed below me: you are a douchebag with obviously no musical talent you zero-bombing bastard. suck my balls.

as for the song, i love it. mind if i use it in a movie im making for college?

Box-Killa responds:

Ha yeah that bone head guy below sucks. Yea use it for anything that would be awesome :D Coolies!

thanks for the review!

afraid of me?

what are you afraid of me you little bitch? send me a message and then block me? ha! i laugh at you.

unowned responds:

cuz you aint shot any reasonable to say bitch, go back to your little mac noob prog


you make the most god awful music i have heard on Newgrounds


wtf? were you smoking when you made this? it sounds like you are having sex with a computer or something.


this is very good. i like the guitar and the drums are good. i am a drummer myself. lyrics are good too except the vocals in the upper register a little but for the type of song it is, it fits. the only thing i dont like is the bass guitar seems too treble. but i read that you plug right in so i understand why. a suggestion for the guitar solo thing at 2:30 is to add a few effects. not heavy distortion but maybe a little echo or something and light backing distortion or phaser. something like that. it would add a little interesting effect to it think. PM me if you want any ideas or would like to collaborate. i mix songs and stuff all the time. excellent job man.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

As I said in the authors comments, this is the demo, alot of stuff is gonna be fixed before we put it on itunes


This actually made me laugh when you screamed blee blaa blue blaa and random other vocals. nice job hahaha

giftedbuttwisted responds:

There's nothing random about the vocals, I'm screaming the real lyrics

very nice

The title truely fits man. i think you should extend this. the piano fits amazingly with the title Eden. in the beginning i was a little leery of the title, but the the piano came in. i like it. keep it up. and make a longer version.


i like the song although i think you should include more parts that are like the first 5 seconds. quiet and serene. adds a cool effect if added in at the right parts.


Very nice work. A little shabby sound quality because its so loud. but very good work. Not sure if the title fits however. 9/10


very nice.

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